The One Stop Solution

Design & Build

  • ★ We work with design-build teams that may consist of independent consultants, architects, contractors, technology partners or directly with end users for greater efficiency and execution.
  • ★ The Design-Build is the fastest, most cost-effective, highest quality method to bring your projects from concept to completion.
  • ★ Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build

Our Workflows

Delivering Of Solutions

Upon completion and client approval, comprehensive training for the users of the system is scheduled Our goal is to guarantee your complete satisfaction and comfort in using the system.


We do listen and understand your technology needs at first and we will recommend the appropriate solutions that comprise the system, a timeframe for completion, and an estimate of the cost involved.


We do take consideration and coordination of all elements such as interior and architectural requirements, electrical, sound and acoustic considerations, lighting, and other building elements, even furniture to present your superior greatest settings.

Management & Installations

We do equipment and material pruchase, custom fabrication and assembly, programming, pre-installation testing, on-site installation, and post-installation testing.